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Description CamScanner

Mobile apps have become an integral part of our lives as smart phones and tablets became more intelligent through the years. Going beyond being an instrument for calling and sending SMS, it has transcended its purpose. Programs have been developed to help people efficiently carry out their activities and increase productivity. Such is the case in the scanning mobile app, CamScanner.

Almost everything is digital now. Requirements for school or work will inevitably prompt you to submit documents online, especially with the world’s new normal. Additionally, there’s no need to worry if you don’t have a scanner with you. CamScanner is your one-stop scanning and document management app. Released by INTSIG Information Co., Ltd., it has risen as one of the top productivity apps on Android.

Using CamScanner

In just a few clicks, you can turn your mobile phone or tablet into a scanner. To use, just open the app and point your camera to the direction of your document. Operating it is similar to taking a photo. The difference is that it is built to recognize texts more than the regular camera can do. Make sure there is sufficient lighting and that you place the document on a flat surface for best results.

More so, there are so many other things you can do with the CamScanner. Send professionally scanned documents directly from your phone or tablet. Edit the content with the OCR features and export it to the file format desired. From there you can attach it to your email or share on any of your social media accounts.


Fast digitization of documents
Optical Character Recognition (OCR) enabled where you can extract texts from an image of flattened file
Optimized scanning with smart cropping and auto-enhancing features
Easily share PDF or JPEG files from the app to your friends or colleagues via social media channels or email

Connect to a printer via AirPrint to print or fax to as many as 30 countries
Inclusion of editing tools for annotation and watermark
Quick search feature
Secure documents by setting a passcode to confidential files
Access files in any device when you register online

On top of the regular features, you can improve your experience in the app by availing the premium subscription. Premium features include the following:

Convert PDF or image to an editable format such as Word and Excel
Download files in batches
Shareable download link for secured files
Add 40 more collaborators

Increase to 10G of cloud storage
ID mode scanning
Get rid of watermarks
Combine two separate documents into a collage
Place an e-signature
Book mode scanning

Minimalistic Interface

CamScanner has a functional interface that lets you focus on the task at hand. It has simple buttons that are intuitive for a smooth control of the app. Its optimized to capturing of documents in high resolution is truly impressive. The young and adults alike are sure to appreciate the app for the efficiency and convenience it brings.

Available on Android

A famous app to improve productivity, it has gained an astounding 100 million downloads on Google Play. It has solidified its position among the mobile apps and is part of the esteemed Editors’ Choice in the platform.

Download CamScanner APK for Free – Latest version

Take advantage of the full features of the app with the CamScanner APK Latest Version download.

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